Linda Zapf Franklin

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In 1976 Linda Zapf was an aspiring singer/songwriter. Empowered by youthful innocence and curiosity to travel the not yet chartered roads of life, set out with two friends from high school on an unforgettable journey through the United States.

Pioneering the fearless art of hang gliding, they searched America to find the highest mountain. There they could spread their hand-sown wings and learn to love an expression of American freedom that had scarcely been explored. She found that highest mountain and settled in Jackson Hole Wyoming and grew deep roots the Teton Valley where she performed her music at the Wort and the Teton Village. Her love for the Rocky Mountains traveled with her even after she resettled back East.

The passion that ensued, passed through her music and into her daily life raising her three children, and caring for her husband on their farm in Pennsylvania. She writes about her love for the beautiful state of Oregon and Wyoming, a young life of adventure, romance and the everyday trials and joys of being a mother and housewife. All the time however, she never let the expression of music leave her thoughts. Her desire to pick up her guitar and sit down at the piano, capturing a momentary melody, thought, and emotion will always remain a part of her daily existence.

She now is active recording music with some of Classic Country and Rocks most celebrated musicians and performing to entranced audiences that keep her music close to their hearts. Enjoy the serene music of Linda Zapf Franklin. In a world of stress and tension in her music you will find rest.

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